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Recent street lighting project

Mr C Grazin

We all know about how difficult it can often be to obtain a reasonable level of service from utilities but my dealing with you and you colleagues has made a great deal of difference to my view of these issues. I have to confess that I fully expect that my request to move the existing site of the lamppost would be met by a sharp intake of breath and professions of difficulty, but, as you know, the exact opposite was the case. I am more than grateful to you and your colleagues both for the response to my request, and the courtesy with which my request was treated. In addition, the work was carried out with the minimum of inconvenience, and the maximum level of cooperation with the householder. The new lighting is a great improvement on the old arrangement, and most importantly on a personal level, I can now get in and out of the property without the previous difficulties. Thank you again for all your help on this project.

Please pass on my thanks

Mr Ian Owen-Smith

Please pass on my thanks to all concerned for resolving my issue. The new street light opposite my house had not been working since it was installed, even though all the others in the area were working. I received a call within 10 minutes of sending the email, the fault was fixed the same day and a follow-up call was made to confirm I was happy. Excellent customer service in every way!

Excellent Service

Julie Cogill

I would like to say a big thank you and a job well done to the guy's who have just finished installing our new street lights. I found them to be very polite and helpful, they cleared up all the mess each time they worked on the post. I have come home from work today and all the safety barriers have been removed and all debris has been swept up and removed. Excellent service!

Night time cycling much safer.

2 Happy Cyclists!

Thank you so much for the new lighting on Methley Lane. We cycle back from work along there every night. It's quite a busy road and up until now we've had to cycle in the dark. The new lights should make our night time cycling much safer. Wendy and Katy (Two happy cyclists)

I would like to say how impressed I am

Mr Ian Grainger

“ I would like to say how impressed I am by the quality of service you provide and by the turnaround time for carrying out repairs. “Before, it could take up to 10 days before faulty street lights were repaired, and quite often they stopped working again soon afterwards. Since you have taken over, repairs are done within 1-2 days and the faults haven’t reoccurred. “The new lights are also much better than the old sodium ones. You can see people and vehicles much more clearly.”

I’m over the moon

Mrs Audrey Friebe

“I’ve lived in this cul-de-sac for 50 years with no street lights at all. It was so dark that when members of my family dropped me off after a day out, they would park at the bottom of the road and shine their headlights up the hill towards my house. Now we’ve got two new street lights and I’m over the moon!”

As good as their word

Melanie Hall

The shade on the street light outside our house had come loose and rattled whenever the wind blew, which was keeping my baby awake at night. SSE Contracting Lighting Services responded quickly to my email asking for it to be mended, saying that they would send an electrician out straight away. They were as good as their word - the light was mended within the hour.

Speedy service

Ms E Salvin

My car was stolen when it was parked in the road outside my house and the street light wasn't working at the time. When I got in touch with SSE Contracting Lighting Services to let them know that the light was faulty, I had a relay back the following day and the light was mended within a few days. I was very impressed by such a speedy service.

Thank you so much

Margaret Tingle

“Just to say how grateful I am to you for repairing the lighting of Cookridge Avenue and Green Lane in a very short time. I reported them not working on 16th November and they were all repaired by 21st November. Thank you so much. It is good to receive an excellent service, particularly as traffic travels very fast down these two roads.”


Yorkshire Evening Post - 29th March 2007

SSE Contracting - THEY’RE A SHINING LIGHT Reader’s letter praising SSE Contracting Lighting in Leeds. “I sent an email to SSE Contracting after noticing that a street light in our cul-de-sac was not working. Next morning I received a phone call from SSE Contracting to check the exact location of the faulty light. By lunchtime the repair man had arrived to fix the light! This is the second time I have experienced SSE Contracting’s service in the last couple of months and each time I have been impressed by their efficiency. Well done SSE Contracting!” Yorkshire Evening Post 29 March

Light working again

Teddi Coutts

Reported by email late on Friday. On Monday, checked that email had been received. I was contacted by SSE Contracting the same day with a promise of a repair in 5 working days. On Wednesday night the light was working again. Many Thanks

I am very impressed

Ian Stephenson

Can I just say many thanks for organising for the post to be removed. The guys have been to put everything back together and I am very impressed with how neat they have left it. In fact it is in a better state than before all the work had been done so please pass on my gratitude to your team.

Your support is very much appreciated

Sue Aldridge

I just wanted to email you my thanks for resolving this issue with the street lighting. The light is now back up and working as of last week and your support is very much appreciated.

What a massive improvement

Mr and Mrs Galek

Woodhill Road has recently had its street lights replaced. Within the last week these new lights have been illuminated and we would like to say what a massive improvement they are. The street is bright and the shadows have been diminished. It is a lot safer from a pedestrian and motorist point of view. For the first time in our 12 years of occupation of our house, we do not have a low level street light shining directly into our bedroom. It is worthy of note to mention that the contractors have always been diligent, tidy and organised in their work.

Minimum disruption

Mr Greenwood

I have been most impressed with the replacement of street lights in Horsforth, it has been quick and caused minimum disruption, the sites have been clean, and restoration is of a high standard. The workforce have been cheerful and courteous and are a credit to the contractors.

Express my appreciation

Victoria Stewart

I wanted to pass on my thanks and appreciation to the team who responded to my query and questions. Works appeared to have been completed a few weeks previously on a lamp post that was sited outside my house, the area was subsequently dug up again and appeared to be still outstanding. I made a call to SSE Contracting to enquire of the date of completion. I was dealt with in a very positive and professional way and felt assured that my query would be dealt with. I then received a call back from the Manager for that area ( unfortunately I didn't catch his name) on the same day - he explained the reason for the works and reassured me things would be back to normal very quickly. The day after his call I returned home to find all works had been completed and the area outside my house had been swept and left clear and tidy. I wanted to express my appreciation for the works and communication by the whole team

What an improvement

A McCaig

Firstly let me say what an improvement the new lights are on the old sodium lights. Secondly, what a good job the men carrying out the work are doing. In my area, Horsforth, the lights have been replaced with the minimum of mess and disturbance. I would be grateful if you would pass on my appreciation to the company concerned regarding their workforce.

It was moved within an hour!

Mrs Bayfield

I just called to advise that I am very happy with all the work that has been done and how quickly it was completed. Also, the contractors were helpfull when rubble had been left at the end of my garden, it was moved with in an hour of my call.

Impressed with the service

Miss Clynes

Just to say that I am very impressed with your service. The street light was repaired in hours. Thank you.

Thank you for a job well done....

Andrew Davey

Upon returning home from work yesterday afternoon, I found that the 2 potholes have been filled in with tarmac. I would like to thank all involved for resolving this problem. Despite my not receiving any correspondence, the issue had obviously been addressed and passed to the relevant division promptly. Thank you for a job well done.

Thank you

Simon Lupton

Thank you for your prompt communication, this is a great service.

Thanks for your prompt response


The street light was repaired yesterday.......... thanks for your prompt response.

Many thanks


Many thanks .... the light was fixed yesterday, impressed by the quick service!

Really pleased

Mr Roberts

I am just writing to you as I am very impressed with the new street lighting. I was a little apprehensive about the change, but I am really pleased with the results.

Many thanks for such a prompt service

Mrs B Gorburn

Just to say that the light has been already been repaired! Many thanks for such a prompt service.

Many thanks

Susan Pearson

“ Many thanks for the speedy repair of the street light outside number 4 Howard Avenue.”

Just to say...

Rebecca Dearden

The cover has come loose from a street light: Just to say thank you very much for sorting this out for us.

Thanks for the promptness of the repair

Lorraine Fudge

Please pass on my thanks to the relevant teams for the promptness of the repair which was done within 36 hours of me reporting it.

Street light now working


Street light working now. Thank you to you and your team for the prompt action.

A huge difference

Steven Halstead

Thank you for fitting shade onto s/l it has made a huge difference

Very much appreciated

Anne Gill

Thank you for prompt action. Very much appreciated

Thank you for your swift response

David Bowcock

Thank you for your swift response. The light is working tonight.

In a better state than before

Ian Stephenson

Thanks - everything put back together and very impressed with how neat it was left. In a better state than before all the work was done.

Glowing with happiness !

Mr B Picken

Thank you for such a speedy response - bulb has been replaced. Laurels glowing with happiness!

First Class

Pat Townend

The way I was listened to on the telephone was first class!

Charity Donation

PFI Team

Safety and Excellence are integral to SSE Contracting’s Core Values. To recognise and reward excellent safety performance after achieving more than 2 years of injury free work, Leeds Lighting Services selected the Leeds Society for Deaf and Blind People as one of the nominated charities to benefit from their achievement. Lisa Russell, Fundraising Manager was thrilled when Colin Nattrass, Lighting Services Manager presented the cheque for £500. Lisa said: “Your generosity will help projects supporting blind, partially sighted, deaf, and hard of hearing and deafblind people of all ages living in Leeds. Every pound of your donation will be used by our local charity to ensure we improve the quality of life of thousands of sensory impaired people living locally.” (Left to right: Lisa Russell from Leeds Society for Deaf and Blind People, Louise Marron and Colin Nattrass from SEC)

Lord Mayor of Leeds Charity

PFI Team

As part of the ‘Make it Zero’ safety competition which awards and recognises excellent safety performance within Southern Electric Contracting, SEC Lighting Services recently donated £500 after achieving more than 2 years of accident free working to the Lord Mayor of Leeds' chosen charity, Andrea’s Gift. The charity was founded in 2003 and has raised over £500,000 to support people affected by brain tumours in Yorkshire, primarily those who have received treatment through the Leeds Teaching Hospitals. SEC Operations Manager Kevin Marshall said “We are proud that our teams’ safe working has resulted in this gift being made possible to such an important charity.”(Pictured from left to right: Kevin Marshall, SEC Operations Manager, Keith Hedley, SEC Performance Manager, The Lord Mayor of Leeds 2008 - 2009 Councillor Frank Robinson and Ian Moore from Leeds City Council.)