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Recent street lighting project

Mr C Grazin

We all know about how difficult it can often be to obtain a reasonable level of service from utilities but my dealing with you and you colleagues has made a great deal of difference to my view of these issues. I have to confess that I fully expect that my request to move the existing site of the lamppost would be met by a sharp intake of breath and professions of difficulty, but, as you know, the exact opposite was the case. I am more than grateful to you and your colleagues both for the response to my request, and the courtesy with which my request was treated. In addition, the work was carried out with the minimum of inconvenience, and the maximum level of cooperation with the householder. The new lighting is a great improvement on the old arrangement, and most importantly on a personal level, I can now get in and out of the property without the previous difficulties. Thank you again for all your help on this project.